On October 29, 1999, Brian Keller was a 15 year old sophomore at Pinelands Regional High School in Little Egg Harbor, NJ.  It was on this day that a hit and run drunk driver took his young life. Brian was riding his bicycle with his best friend when he was struck from behind and killed by a man with a blood alcohol level of .227, more then twice the legal limit for drivers in New Jersey. This man made a conscious decision to drink, and then drive.
Brian was an easy-going, kind and affectionate young man who had already learned the important lesson of taking pleasure in the simple things in life.  He liked snow-boarding, swimming, fishing and hunting with his father. Brian participated in youth group and took great pride in his role as a counselor on the Pinelands Experience.  He especially loved being with his family, his cousins and friends.  Brian's life was full of hope and promise.
The choice made by this man to drive while drunk that night has tragically altered the lives of many people forever.