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The Little Egg Harbor Police Department has formed a marine unit to provide a visible police presence on the waterways belonging and adjacent to the Township of Little Egg Harbor.  Its duties shall include but are not limited to enforcement of New Jersey State Titles 12, 13, 23, 39, local ordinances, State criminal statutes, response to emergency situations and pollution protection of the surrounding watersheds.  The unit shall also be available for special events, public boating safety education or for other duties as determined by the Chief of Police.  As required by State Statute, the New Jersey State Police shall report and investigate all boating accidents.  The Little Egg Harbor Township Police Marine Unit will be available to assist and supplement the State Police Marine Unit, the United States Coast Guard, local Fire and Emergency Service units, and other municipalities as requested. 

The 24 foot Sea Strike center console utilized by the marine unit was generously donated by the townships former business administrator, the late Raymond J Urezzio. All of the equipment needed to convert the vessel for law enforcement use was purchased using federal drug seizure money. Because of Mr. Urezzio’s commitment to the citizens of Little Egg Harbor Township and his strong, long standing belief that the townships police department should have a water-borne presence, the Little Egg Harbor Police department is able to provide this service without the use of taxpayer’s dollars.

Marine Unit Supervisor Lt. Troy Bezak x162