This unit is just getting it’s feet wet, so at this point it performs more than just traffic duties, we perform all duties as we would if we were in a patrol car. The long range hopes are to someday be a specialized traffic unit, conducting traffic safety duties, stops, accident investigation ect. (no longer doing regular patrol work).

The units themselves are 2006 model FLHTPI Harley Davidson Electra Glides (88 cubic inch 1450 cc motors) with fuel injection and ABS brakes which is fairly new on a motorcycle and not available to the public as of yet. The individual units weigh approximately 850 pounds with the additions the P.D. ordered on them. They were shipped from the factory at a weight of approximately 760 pounds.

The striping, lettering and patch work, were the motor officers design (with approval from the Chief of course), and were installed by Cpl. Maino with the assistance of Retired SFC. Di Matteo.

The unit has definitely attracted the attention of people of all ages. The unit is in high demand by other agencies who are constantly calling for us to assist them with parades, funerals and/or charity fundraiser's ect.

We are also fielding many calls from other agencies that are interested in attempting to start a unit of their own, and we allow them to pick our brains for information.

Retired SFC. Di Matteo with the assistance of Sgt. McDowall and Cpl. Maino was given the freedom to shop for the best prices for uniforms necessary to look sharp in the saddle. The officers wear breeches (motorcycle trousers/pants) as well as motorcycle boots (equestrian type) and in colder weather have leather jackets as well as leather gloves.

Specially Trained Officers Of The Motorcycle Unit.
Sgt W. Mcdowall 1653
Sgt J. Martin 1660
Cpl. T. Maino