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K9 Demonstration

The LEHPD Police K-9 Unit provides K-9 demonstrations and education to community groups, depending on date, time and availability of the K-9 Team.

The K-9 demos are designed to portray the skill involved and the work performed by the K-9 team on a daily basis, plus it gives both children and adults an opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions about the K-9 Unit.

We require that you provide us with all the details, including advance notice, so appropriate dates can be scheduled. Emergencies arise, and the K-9 team may have to cancel any engagement to assist their community or other communities in their work. If this occurs, we apologize and another date may be arranged.

To arrange a K9 Demonstration, please fill out THIS FORM

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If you are going on vacation or plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, the police department’s free House Watch Program can give you peace of mind. Officers will conduct periodic exterior checks while you are away, monitoring your property for inappropriate activity or emergencies.

Enlisting the police department to keep an eye out for suspicious activity while you are away from home does not guarantee against loss, theft, damage or mischief but it can be a useful deterrent to anyone who may be considering accessing your home for criminal purposes.

Program Notes

Please note that enrollment does not create a special duty upon the police department to monitor your home. Visual inspections of your home’s exterior will be conducted as time and manpower permits.

House checks are not conducted on homes that are occupied for any length of time during the homeowner’s absence.
Enrollment is only open to homeowners who will be away for at least three days.

How to Enroll

To sign up for the House Watch Program, you must submit a request.

For your convenience, we have made the House Watch Program Request Form available online.

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Traffic Detail

We are in the process of updating and expanding the information of our new website and appreciate your patience. Please check back to see if this information has been updated or feel free to CONTACT US

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Car Seat Installation

The Little Egg Harbor Police Department is currently not certifying car seat installation. Once the Ocean County Sherriff’s Department resumes car seat installation, you can visit their website to arrange for their assistant with installation.   Ocean County Sherriff’s Department



If making an appointment via the Car Seat Installation Form, please allow five business days for a response.

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Nixle Emergency Alert Sign-Up

Nixle is a Community Information Service dedicated to helping you stay connected to the information that matters most to you, depending on your physical location.

You stay connected to your local police department, your children’s schools, your local community agencies and organizations, and the important information from other locations throughout the country that are relevant to you.

Information is immediately available over your cell phone by text message, by email, and over the web. Your account can be customized so you receive the information that matters most to you. Whether it is where you live, work, or have friends or family throughout the country, the information is immediately available to you over your mobile phone, email and computer.

Receive Trusted, Up-To-Date Neighborhood Public Safety and Community Information directly from our department by text message and/or email. No Cost, simple, reliable.

Sign up for Nixle

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New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA), effective in July 2002, is one of the best tools the public has to obtain information about what government is doing.

OPRA requests must be in writing. While many governmental entities have a specific form for this purpose, you are not required to use it. In fact, legally you can send an email request in most cases, with the description of the records you are seeking in the body of the email itself. Importantly, the email must clearly state “OPRA request” in the email. Also, you should include your name, address, phone number and email address so the records custodian may contact you. (However, there is no legal requirement to identify yourself when making an OPRA request – the OPRA law allows you to submit a request anonymously.)

Specify how you want to receive your records – fax, hard copy, or electronic file sent via email or on CD. CD and paper materials can be mailed or picked up. Also, if you request an electronic file, you can specify a particular file format, such as PDF or Excel.

Governmental offices must supply you the record in the file format requested if it’s readily available. For example, for a document typically created in Excel, like a budget, you should be able to get the Excel worksheet.

Get OPRA Form OPRA Form 2022

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Under New Jersey State law, a private citizen can bring a case against another citizen claiming that the other person has violated some law. The person who starts the case is called the complaining witness or the complainant. The person being charged with the alleged offense is called the defendant.

A complaint can be filed at the Little Egg Harbor Municipal Court and will be issued by a Court Administrator or Deputy Court Administrator. The complainant will be asked to fill out a form that asks for the name and address of the person they wish to file the complaint against. If they do not know the name and address, a complaint cannot be done until such time as the information can be provided to the court staff.

Get Complaint Form

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Anonymous Tip Form

If you’d like to submit an anonymous tip to the police, you can do it via phone, email, or using an online form.

Please include as much information as possible, such as the physical address and names of people involved.

Include your contact information if you would like someone to follow up with you directly.

All Information Will Be Kept Strictly Confidential

By email

Send an email to

By Phone

Call 609-294-3030

If you are reporting a crime in progress, and/or require emergency service, please dial 911 now.


Fill out the online form by CLICKING HERE

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DUI Discovery

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All Other Forms

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NON-EMERGENCY: (609)-296-3666, Ext. 0

POLICE RECORDS: (609)-296-3666, Ext. 103 / Fax- (609)-296-4025

MUNICIPAL COURT: Phone- (609)296-7241, Ext. 300 / Fax- (609)294-1068




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